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Originally Posted by MrSmith317 View Post
Just an FYI, whatever you do don't post anything questioning the new firmware on forums. I asked for someone to address the issues, especially the <1GB free after installing the latest firmware and they banned me from the forums.

Haha, yea good job on that one. Found the post: New Superpad2 FlyTouch3 Firmware Download With Adobe Flash 10.1 (Third Release)

No more "paranoid injections" please!

Originally Posted by MrSmith317
Can someone address the problem that the 4GB filesystem (flytouch 3) is now being recognized as a 1GB filesystem? Android cannot be taking up 3.2GB. Also is there a way to overwrite the recovery partition? I want to use a custom recovery (clockworkmod) and try to put a working ROM on my FT3. Lastly some Market apps will not install with an SD/TF card present. If you remove the card, the app will install and the card can be replaced. However if you need to update the app, you will again need to remove the card. Please address these concerns. Thank you.
The files system with Flash requires more space, if this can be optimized in later editions of the firmware it will be done, I consider the matter closed for the time being. It's verified and confirmed the memory storage of the tablet is 4GB, I will not enter into any further speculation regarding the matter. Any further paranoid injections regarding the space required will be deleted, and subsequent further injections of propaganda will result in lifetime bans.

Flash reserves memory space for caching, and how Android handles memory is not like a PC. The second edition of the firmware without Flash is still available if users prefer more space to store things in internal storage.

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