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Originally Posted by Leslie Ann View Post
A. Activation has been shown to be a problem in itself.
If the activation fails for any reason, you experience similar, but slightly different problems. This is quite well documented. The problem is people confuse it with other issues or they have multiple problems at once.

B. It happens on rooted and non-rooted phones, stock rom or a modded rom. It simply doesn't matter.

C. I say it's partly user caused because many are using the hidden (possibly bad) menu, or apps that are accessing it. I acknowledge it is done unknowingly, same with the app creators, but the more you pile on a phone, the more problems you create. Every computer or computing system is like that, the more you add, the more problems you potentially cause. Yes, it is a firmware issue, but a properly activated phone, with nothing on it, seems to work just fine.

Won't help other people?
It will if we find the exact cause and someone issues a patch or a VERY good tutorial regarding the entire issue or even the app makers fix the apps accessing things wrong. Bug fixes start off techincal, then work their way down to the laymen. You have to identify the bug first.

As for no basis...
While some of it is based on another persons theory, the fact that I can recreate and eliminate the problem on demand (on multiple roms) means there is at least SOMETHING to what I am doing. The question is, why can I but no one else. It doesn't invalidate my research.
Good well written reply, but i still feel it is something within the firmware, which is tied to the provider and their networks,the reason i say this is simple to justify,why don't Verizon,AT&T or even Sprint users running the same android OS as Virgin Mobile complain about radio issues,my buddy has an incredible,running 2.2 and has never had a radio issue.i had a blackberry before the optimus and never had any type of radio issues.
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