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Originally Posted by Cudda View Post
To be honest, I probably won't replace my N1 for a few more years. It was my first smartphone and I absolutely adore it as much today as I did the day I got it. I have a special bond with it, and to be honest, nothing at all is wrong with it. So why replace it?
I tend to keep smart phones two years or so, that seems to be a good cycle for improvements. I used a Treo 650 then a Centro each for several years (after having Palms since 1998), and even though I was looking to go Android the real push for me to get the N1 was that the Centro died. I actually dusted off the 650 and ran that while I waited for the new phone to arrive (SIM cards FTW). I even still use the unlocked Nokia dumb phone I had before that when I don't want to damage the N1.

The smart phone market is moving towards maturity like computers did, but much more quickly. In the 80's and 90's computers were moving so fast that if you didn't have the latest one you couldn't run the most current software. Now they do make improvements, but for 99% of the people who need a computer (at home) the one they have will last them years performance wise.

Phones keep improving, they are adding nicer screens and more memory but the basic functionality is still the same (for now). And a lot of the functionality changes are software related so even "old" phones can be upgraded. We're somewhat limited by the networks now, but with 4g/LTE rolling out the next big functional step is taking place.

So in short, keep the N1 until it either breaks, or there is something new out that is so much better that you need the new functionality.
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