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Originally Posted by latinmaxima View Post
To your benefit I would hope the reason you didn't stick it out is your a doctor and you have to have a fully functional phone based on your name but I also have to say I am amazed that your only four posts basically state the same thing and you didn't bother to trouble shoot. You could have also tried to replace it and see if that corrected the issue instead of trying to slam the phone and make it seem it is bad. I am sure there are thousands of customers that have this phone and only a few with these issues but they try to replace the phone and take steps to correct it. Not just join a forum to complain about something they honestly could have cared less about. You have 30 days. why not try to make it work? Any forum I have ever joined is not only to try to find a fix for something that may be wrong. I alos like to find out what else others discover (in this case on the phone) that I may not normally find on my own. Sorry to rant but coming from an Instinct forum I hate seeing only negative people on a forum.
My wife is on her third Samsung phone (Tribute, I think?). We just picked up the third one today... and the first two had the "goes into airplane mode" problem. With the first phone, I assumed it was something she was doing... until we traded phones for a day and her phone just laid on my desk... and still went into airplane mode. We're planning to return the Samsung and get another phone, if this third one goes into airplane mode for no obvious reason. JFWIW, our carrier said they had not heard of this problem... but that's not what posts on the various fora say... :-(
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