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Originally Posted by AndroidsOfTara View Post
I'm starting to see the reason people stay with VZW despite the higher prices.
It's a bitter love-hate relationship. They don't always have the sexiest phones. Their prices and control seem to be pretty ridiculous. But they can do it because they simply have the best coverage. I was only in San Diego a week ago, trying to find a burger place called Hodads; my brother-in-law on his BB calling on at&t and me on VZW... he dropped his call three times in succession. Not only was I able to search the website for Hodads, get a phone number and address, but I was able to then pull maps and get navigation during the same time window.

But VZW knows they have a great network, so they charge accordingly. And until the DROID came out, they were sticklers about supporting their applications (e.g. VCast, etc.) With the DROID, they seemed to relax their stranglehold. The big surprise at CES was Google announcing that the N1 will be on the VZW network.

Honestly, I'm rooting for the other carriers to get their act together to topple VZW. VZW is still the only carrier I can use to get signal in the Metro Subway tunnels. Insane! C'mon TMo, Sprint and at&t, get it together!
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