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Originally Posted by wkdown View Post
The SD card in her phone is the stock one that came with the phone. I had synced both of our phones up to my computer and added some AAC (iTunes) music files. I did the same for both of our phones and in the same way. My phone has no issues at all, yet hers is having the issues listed above.

You may be on the right track though, as I don't remember the issues coming up until after I had added the music.

(Side question: Where do I add images from my computer so I can view them on the G1 via the 'Pictures' menu option; not 'Camera'?)

for picutres same thing just add it to the SD card connect the phone to the computer you will get an icon on the top left of the notification bar... pull the bar down select it and hit mount.., from there go to your browser and simply copy the photos you want from the computer to the phone (dc card, folder named pictures)... as for the error if you have issues after the sync you may have jacked the card (not sure how).... but what I was suggesting was that you check the sd card to make sure it is "clicked into place" if it has come lose or "unclicked from it's position" it may be making partial contact and it will not register correctly and the phone will try to read it and be unable to.. that = error... if you open the keyboard and look at the side of the phone by the call "green button" there is a little flap... open that flap remove the sd card with the phone off... put your sd card from your phone in and see if it resolves the problem if it doesn't than it it most likely not the cause of the error... if it is the cause of the error you can get a much larger and much faster sd card for less than $20.... cheap fix you could call tmo and have them send you a new one...
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