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OH wow, i think i could go on forever here lol, when i saw the thread title in the list, i had a small list in my head of what i was going to write, but as i went and read through all the posts, i was sitting there thinking "ooohh yeaaaa" as i read some film titles.

BUT, ill try to keep it short.

ANNNYYTTHHING Jackie chan, best action star ever, FACT!
Majority of jim carrey films, preferably stuff like dumb and dumber, Perfect comedy.
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.
Snatch, Bricktop is a hero!
Breakfast Club, such a clever film.
All mafia films.
Resavoir Dogs, I cant think how to spell that atm lol.
Johnny English
Honestly i think i should stop now or ill go on forever, but i will say, that the best film in the world has got to be Pulp Fiction. Amazing story, Perfect acting, just beautifull, just shows you dont need all that CGI shit for a good film. Just a good storyline, Great Director, amazing cast. wow.
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