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I got a chance to play with a ThunderBolt at the corporate store and I recommend everyone go out and check it.

I ran Quadrant on it and it comes out around 1600-1700 most runs on two separate phones, most likely all in the CPU department since graphics was about the same FPS as my OG Droid (still better obviously).

But overall I cannot help but ask "so what?", the phone is MUCH snappier, I am not going to lie, it is about twice as fast to pickup and shoot into a program and load the program before my OG Droid is, but that is NOT worth 319 for me...

I mean come on, if I am dropping $300 I expect it to be damn nice upgrade compared to what I am using (you can blame Root for the fact my OG Droid gets 1150 Quadrant, which is apparently about 4-5x faster than it was when I first bought it)...

I want a Dual Core phone because I want something that has NEW tech, not just a snappier response time, and the dual core should also improve battery.

And the battery makes me gun shy on the TBolt.
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