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Originally Posted by mrterry View Post
Havent tried but I wonder if Astro would work as well?
Does Astro have a method to mount /system as read/write? Not the last time I checked, so no.

@ sheni7, for one, do you NEED that app in /system/app? Or are you just wanting to put it there for the thought of it working better? Forgive me I am not familiar with the app. One thing that gives me pause, you said you were having problems with other Samsung apps, that said, the things you read in this section may not help you at all, since this is the Motorola A855/Droid 1 all things root.

Anyways, there's another way to try. It requires terminal emulator on your phone or adb shell on your computer. Either way, get there and here's the commands to try:

mount -o remount,rw /dev/null /system
chmod /system/app/[name of your app goes here] 0644
mount -o remount,ro /dev/null /system
good luck
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