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Originally Posted by JRSly View Post
I wish Beautiful Widgets and Weather Widget Donate would get together and make the ultimate set. I don't have my Droid yet, but from what I've read that both seem to have holes that the other fills nicely.

Weather Widget is skinnable and has tons of cool skins to try out and has some slick animations once you click on the weather icon. But it has some issues with updating properly-GPS always on trying to find your location, problems with sunrise/sundown icon delays, weather only updates manually. Beautiful Widgets has only the one type of clock and doesn't have quite the bells and whistles, but seems to have perfect functionality.
Beautiful Widgets is also skinnable. In fact, Weather Widget STOLE a LOT of skins from Beautiful Widget. So obvious and egregious, it was sickening. WW was hurting for users while BW was smoking them. So, they up and stole skins. I would NOT endorse WW for anything. They're crooks, and from what I've read in their feedback and in other forums, their widget is buggy.

BW is by far the better widget. It's got skins, got great animation, is updated regularly and is about to release compatibility to Honeycomb tablets. Nothing beats BW. I have no connection to the developer (I think he's in France), but he's been really good about updates. I remember when I was using Touiteur (before I uninstalled it), he was really quick about bringing updates and features. I can't say that about WW, again, as I've heard, nagging lengths of time before updates (and that's if he updates at all).
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