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Ah! See - I was too dense. :-)

Originally Posted by gpearson1968 View Post
I was actually a little surprised that you're 'settling' on a XOOM
Considering the Toshiba vs the Xoom, I agree I feel like I am settling a little bit. But I have to decide if 3 more months is worth waiting for the differences. I decided not. I may regret that later on when I am sitting next to you in the coffee shop, you with your Toshiba and me with the Xoom, but I'll deal I guess. Most of the differences I think I will get over fairly quickly. I am a little worried about settling if the Toshiba's graphics are much improved over the Xoom.

Originally Posted by gpearson1968 View Post
before we know the prices of the Toshiba, or the prices of the ASUS transformer, etc etc.

I'm still quite hopeful on the $399 Asus Transformer,
Hmmm - $399 is not what I have heard on the Transformer. The price range I have hear was between $499 and $699 depending on amount of memory. If you want the keyboard that goes with it that would be even more. Nothing official but thats what I heard. I decided against the Transformer because after looking over the specs I could find I think the graphics quality will be slightly less than the Xoom. The other extras were not enough for me.

Originally Posted by gpearson1968 View Post
Just didn't want to be left alone in the boat.....
Nah - you won't be alone. I am sure many are still waiting. Even after you buy, many will still wait. They will constantly wait for the best tablet. At some point you have to draw a line in the sand and jump in.

Originally Posted by gpearson1968 View Post
but stopped holding my breath after being let down by the Notion Ink Adam.
Oh man - have you tried to still follow the Notion Ink blog? What a total cluster *d*uck NI turned out to be. Every once in a while I log into the blog. Rohan has stopped replying to people for the most part. Orders are constantly delayed still. People are getting the run around. And quite frankly, the reviews I have seen on the adam turned out to be that the device is just "ok". It was an amazing dream for a while but I am so very glad I stepped away from that. John Biggs was so right about this one - a lot of people owe him an apology.

Originally Posted by gpearson1968 View Post
Now, I'm probably waiting until LG and viewsonic and maybe even vizio and lenovo get their tabs out there......
I can't convince myself the LG (assuming were talking the 8.9 3D) is better than the Xoom. Pricing does not sound better either.

What Viewsonic you looking at? Not too familiar with that one so much.
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