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I know it is odd. I have had it happen where it will start another app too but I just kill that app. What's weird is it is only Doggcatcher that does this though (buttons seem to be mapped wrong). I really love Doggcatcher but I use stereo bluetooth headphones to listen to podcasts at work and I can't use it with the buttons not working.

Originally Posted by Rjohnjr View Post
This problem seems exceedingly odd.

I am using an Altec-Lansing/Plantronics BackBeat 903 with a Sprint Samsung Moment and am definitely not experiencing this sort of problem. The buttons on the headset work as expected, and seem to do so across all applications I have used them with.

I HAVE encountered an problem where, on occasion, use of the play/pause button will trigger a second audio application (such as the built in music app) to start playing right on top of a podcast. The fix for this seems to be to go in and use TaskKiller to kill the music app. I don't think the problem is with DoggCatcher -- the problem has happened to me several times with several different podcast programs.

FWIW, I cast another vote for DoggCatcher. I have been using Listen for quite some time but had become extremely frustrated with the long delays in getting updates to podcasts -- they often would not be available in Listen for 24 hours or longer after they had been released. DoggCatcher seems to pick them up right away. I have only had it for about a day, but at this point is a keeper, definitely worth paying for.
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