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Please dont post instructions on warez, even if it is the most successfull dev/publisher.

As a dev I'm getting hammered by warez and it's really quite frustrating. There are more people linking to the paid version of my app BlueMuze than have bought the app. And they are putting ads all around it trying to make money for themselves.

I understand your frustration being in a market where you dont have access yet, and that's a perfectly valid frustration. But you know they aren't going to leave out the UK in the long run.

What it comes down to sometimes, is the business of releasing where you can, getting some revenue, which then allows you to expand to other markets. I'm sure Amazon is already working on the technical, legal and business hurdles of expanding to other markets and the UK is probably right at the top of that list.

I'm not one to defend the Angry Birds devs or Amazon in general, but pirating this stuff isn't really ethical IMHO.

I hear where you're coming from I really do. But piracy is so problematic on Android and hits me so personally I just wanted to voice the concerns (so please don't take this personally).
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