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Originally Posted by ONJFan View Post
Hey thanks Charles for starting this thread. I think it's great Amazon started this app store and who doesn't like free stuff?? I got my first game Angry Bird Rio when it aired for free, great no ads and on my droid incredible , the graphics are amazing, its addicting to play.

I had a question though, does anyone know what time zone Amazon uses, I watched last night at 12:01 eastern time and the app store still showed the day before's app. I also got an update when I awoke this morning that the app store had an update to install, I wonder what the update was? Did anyone else get the update for the app store?
I got the update for the appstore also, not sure what the update was for though. I really like the free app everyday also. I got Angry Birds Rio and the WSOP game, I already had Shazaam Encore but my wife picked up that one. That is $12 in free apps already

Right now I just checked the time left for today's app and it ends at midnight PST. I live in Seattle so I am on PST so it either uses local time based on your address or PST, someone outside PST would have to confirm.
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