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Originally Posted by Wolfedude88 View Post
Yeah the Devs are saying the Thunderbolt was the toughest HTC phone to unlock, but it is unlocked. So the Thunderbolt has a huge Dev following now, and the phone will have a lot of roms out shortly. MIUI and CM7 are already being worked on.

If the Bionic's bootloader wasn't encrypted then I am sure it would have a huge Dev following as well. But I bet a lot will stay away because of the Milestone and Droid X,2. Really a shame that it is encrypted though.
Yep. Always a disappointment. Locking it doesn't really do anything to serve Motorola. I mean, rooting and modding will get around bloat and DRM stuff anyways. The only thing they are doing by encrypting the bootloader is turning off hardcore enthusiast users, devs, and modders from purchasing the device. I don't see how this "protects" their common end user one bit. I mean the average user that is not going to root is also not going to give a rat's buttoot whether it has an encrypted bootloader or not.

The original droid sold so well, did so well, and is pleasing the living crap out of so many. Stock users loved it. Rooters and modders loved it. All Motorola is doing is pushing away some of that love.

With the iPhone on Verizon, I would think Android phone manufacturers, especially Motorola with their largest customer base on Verizon, would do ANYTHING in their power to attract MORE customers, not less.

Oh well. The Bionic's screen is going to suck anyways if it's just a larger version of the Atrix. In fact, it will just suck even more than the Atrix by making the pentile effect more pronounced and the screen less sharp.

The combination of those factors and others actually makes me want the Stealth or Revolution even more, despite the fact that they are single core. At least they will have fantastic screens, like the Thunderbolt.

qHD would be great if it didn't suck at color reproduction and viewing angles. The screen on the TB, even though less resolution, is much nicer on the eyes. I did quite a bit of comparing, even in sun.

TB users, the only regrets to buying the TB over the Bionic are HDMI out, battery life, and possibly the lack of dual core.

Although I must tell you that on the Atrix - at least the one I tested - that the qHD seems to make some apps/games lag a bit more than they should on a dual core tegra. And in addition, scrolling through things such as homescreens and the app drawer actually seemed smoother on the TB than on the Atrix. It shouldn't be that way, and the Atrix wasn't bad, the TB just felt smoother at some things. And I did not expect it to be this way.
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