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Also keep in mind that you posted this in the LG Revolution forum:

Originally Posted by SirKronan View Post
On a side note, I played with an Atrix yesterday.

I want THAT phone on Verizon. Bootloader be damned. The thing is amazing. Perfect form factor. Razor sharp screen. Fingerprint unlock. Sensational battery life. Fast.

Wow. AT&T still sucks. But wow, Motorola.
All the praise for the Atrix could likely apply to the Bionic, so why insinuate otherwise?

Lets wait until the phone is out.

EDIT: Although I am sure most of us are adults, I'm aware that words are misconstrued over the net and most people post from work, possibly right after a stressful event they just dealt with, which would increase the chances for misinterpretation...

So, just wanted to say that I wasn't trying to "out" you in any way, but that I too am really excited/anxious about the Bionic's screen, and that your words were incongruent with another report I read from someone who handled the device at CES.

Let's hope the display looks stellar
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