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Originally Posted by crz6662 View Post
Interesting. So reading your guys posts sounds like I should reformat my SD card. 2 of the backups were only days old, so somethings up with the card or file system ? It's an 8GB Class 6, with approx. 2.5GB free.
Downloaded ScaryAlienWare Checksum Utility v2.1.
I'm assuming the following:
MD5 Checksum (hex)
Below that line a bunch of numbers in Green.
I see green in a bunch of files, & guess if it's in red it means it's a bad file ?

Everything else seems to run good on the card. Approx. 90+ apps installed on the card, approx. 1600 backed up to the card, about 2GB of music, some videos & some pics. 2.37GB free space. My only problem, which has only started within the last 3 weeks has been trying to restore my backups. Also, I do all this on the phone, nothing goes back & forth to the computer.

So what would my much larger problem be ?

Using ClockworkMod

Rooted/Flashed G1
HTCClay's SuperFastG1 1.3RH - 1.6 Donut
77.86MB internal memory free

Have tried all various versions including BeatMod Gingerbread but keep coming back to this rom because of it's speed, instant opening, no/or the least, FC's and no phantom reboots.

Going to wait before I do anything till I hear from you guys.

Wow...been a while since I've even looked at my old "MD5 Checksum" app...there's a newer version available (free) in the Market: AFV (Android File Verifier) that has quite a few more features (but hey, an MD5 is an MD5, eh? ).

The text in green below the "MD5 Checksum:" line is indeed the checksum itself. I'm not sure about what the "in red" you are referring to (my app only calculates the checksum--it can't actually tell that the file is bad or not). My AFV app that I refererenced about has a feature where you can select the nandroid.md5 file in a Nandroid backup directory, long-press, and select "Verify Nandroid Backup" and it will cross-check the MD5 checksum of the files listed in the nandroid.md5 file. This is basically equivalent to the "md5sum -c" command which is what the Nandroid restore function will do prior to allow a restore operation to proceed.

Also, I'm just inferring here, but it sounds like you are not using an HTC Droid Eris. I say this because of the "G1" reference and the non-Eris ROMs that you mention.

I would hate to speculate further about what future course of action you might take given that its not an Eris...

I bow to erisuser1's much greater / vast experience (in most things, lol), hopefully, he might have a suggestion or two...

Good luck!
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