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Originally Posted by crz6662 View Post
Yes, that helps me further, but what could be changing my files ? My backups have never left the phone. I've never even opened them. Let me ask you this. If I mount my SD card to my computer and mess with other files, could that possibly corrupt my backups ? Should I transfer my backups to the computer & just leave them there till I actually needed them ? I'd like to leave them on the phone but not if they're going to keep getting screwed up.

Let me throw a scenario at you.
Say I do an MD5 checksum and copy the number shown on a particular backup. Later when I try to reinstall the backup it comes up MD5 mismatch. Technically I could insert the copied number to the mismatched file, replacing the 1 that's there, and it would then install ? Not that I would ever do that. Just trying to wrap my head around this.
Downloaded your new app version, haven't played with it yet.
You've been very helpful explaining this for and I think I almost got it. I won't stop till I know it.
Thanks for the help.

Let me back-track a little here first..

I feel a little like an idiot right now...(lol)...I should have realized and remembered this earlier .

I just re-read your first post here in this thread and it occurred to me that there are actually other reasons why you would get an "MD5 mismatch" when trying to do a Nandroid restore.

The main one is that you have (or had ) some non-standard characters in your Nandroid backup directory's name (like a space, ampersand, asterisk, etc.).

Did you perchance rename your Nandroid backups in ROM manager?

I have seen this reported by several folks on several threads that this is indeed the behavior that is reported when a Nandroid backup is renamed with "wonky" characters.

Let me know.
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