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Originally Posted by scary alien View Post

Let me back-track a little here first..

I feel a little like an idiot right now...(lol)...I should have realized and remembered this earlier .

I just re-read your first post here in this thread and it occurred to me that there are actually other reasons why you would get an "MD5 mismatch" when trying to do a Nandroid restore.

The main one is that you have (or had ) some non-standard characters in your Nandroid backup directory's name (like a space, ampersand, asterisk, etc.).

Did you perchance rename your Nandroid backups in ROM manager?

I have seen this reported by several folks on several threads that this is indeed the behavior that is reported when a Nandroid backup is renamed with "wonky" characters.

Let me know.

Yes, I did rename all the backups, with the Rom name and date. Had 2 Donut, 2 Eclair & 1 gingerbread. Renamed so I knew which was which.
I also caught that but had no hash marks but I did have some "spaces".

Ah ha. A bulb just lite up. Even a single empty space will change my checksum. I think it finally clicked guys.

Won't be renaming. Period.

Appreciate you ERIS guys helping this ol' G1 guy out. I'm in the G1 section right now checking it out.
I think I remember when I 1st joined this forum back in 2008 there wasn't much here so I kinda forgot about it & spent my time over @ XDA.
Let me say, very helpful people here, even if your in the wrong section. Friendly. Easy going.
XDA is a great site but a few of them are all over people for things, posting in the wrong area, asking something that was already answered, crap like that. Just a few though. They really need to chill, have a beer, relax.

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