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Originally Posted by elusion View Post
HELPPPP!!! I installed Root Explorer / Android Mate / AndExplorer. I cant delete anything!!!! Now how can I delete annoying things off the phone. Android newb Just got my first cellphone in over 5 years. Using Root Explorer the filesystem wont mount as RW!!!. Android Mate gives me an error saying it cannot delete the file. Is there any help or should I go back to not even bothering with cellphones. I hate this bloatware crap, if this was a pc id have my way with it. thanks
Originally Posted by elusion View Post
Yeah and this crap wont run without ROOT!!!

"Sorry I could not acquire root priveleges. This application will *****NOT!!!!**** work!!!! (F$%^&*) Please verify that your ROM is rooted and includes BusyBox and try your call again"

So, did you actually ROOT it first before installing all those other things? Rooting it is like becoming Administrator in Windows.

With Android 2.2 you can use the 1-click Z4 root. Search here in the forum. With 2.2.1, it's harder. Again, search here in the forum, especially in the sub-forum, all things root.

Optimus M - All Things Root - Android Forums

Which version of the Android do you have on your phone? Your box is going to say 2.2, but you probably have 2.2.1. On the home page (not in a program), click the bottom left menu button, click "settings", scroll down to "About Phone", click that, then see the Android version number.
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