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Originally Posted by Most Wanted Monster View Post
Same here. Everything has slown down so much since I got my Droid. Even with the new phones I dont see anything ROM wise much better. This isnt a reply to trash the devs. I appreciate all they do but I wish Android still had the pace it used to.
I hear and feel ya. There was a time when Droid ROMs were coming out at a furious pace, updates to ROMs happened in days, not weeks. But we all understand they have their daily lives and routines to work around.

I think the biggest thing is that the Droid WAS the dev phone to play with. Now, so many have moved on. It started when the DX was released and has slowly trickled away since. Still, we have better support than the DInc. But if you gaze in the TB forums, you'll see a lot of familiar devs popping up, including Liquid.

But there's a couple new ROMs out, guess it's time to play.
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