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Originally Posted by death2all110 View Post
*/ Begin Rant

Someone got on IRC and said i had mental issues. AllyUser01. Yeah. I saw that. Maybe if you understood where I was coming from you wouldn't blame me. So i have a few kind words to say to you. If ya got the balls PM me on here or nn IRC I wont hold my breath.

/* End rant

Ill try to fix the scripts and put out a maintenance release. Unless one is not needed. I till have yet to get feedback on the bootsndtoggle script.
lol life would be soooo droll if noone had mental issues.

As for the bootsndtoggle script, it worked for me after I su'ed and ran the sysrw script. Also, the OP has a typo stating the sysrw script as syswrw.

this rom kicks so much ass it'll blow yer mind all over yer face! I think it's great anyone is still even developing for the Ally, this phone is a dinosaur
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