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Originally Posted by FragDroidX View Post
You bet your a$$ Google can put enough pressure on Motorola to release the Xoom before it was ready. The proof is all around you if you open your eyes and look. There is a reason that NO other tablets with Honeycomb have been released yet, because its not ready. Plain and simple. Just because your eyes are too closed to see it doesn't mean its not true.

Your assertion that Motorola could get Google to rush the code is laughable. Google is in a war with Apple and they hold all the keys to the code. The Xoom was the development device for Honeycomb, Google wanted Honeycomb out before ipad2 so the Xoom was rushed to market.

If you think Motorola wanted to release a device that had key functions missing (you know things like the 4G card, SD card slot, Flash, etc) you are out of your mind. They also would have loved to have launched the wifi only version at the same time or risk losing sales to iPad which became a reality. Motorola was slammed in the press because of the missing features and the high price. Don't think for a minute that they didn't know that was going to happen. They did it because Google pressured them too and probably gave Motorola something to compensate them for doing so. Pretty easy to figure out really.
Although a bit coarse in presentation, I'd have to agree with this rundown. I'm inclined to believe Google is on the hook for this. It's not keeping my up at night, but if I had to point my finger somewhere, it'd have to go toward Google.

But for me, that's the difference in iOS and Android. iOS will delay a release until things are finalized. Android gives it's customers the ability to wait until it's complete, or early-adopt and deal with shortcomings. Fact is, choice is always best in my eyes. Not like they hid the fact that SD & USB were non-functioning. I made the CHOICE to buy before it was perfect.

Anyway, not arguing, just showing my thought process.

Side note: I won't be sending this message to Moto/Google, as I wouldn't want them to take my willingness to wait as willingness to concede the feature indefinitely.
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