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Originally Posted by rushmore View Post
Either the Trans is too good to be true (will cost more), or the Xoom is "overpriced".

Great display, GPS, gyro, HDMI and a keyboard/battery/card reader/2 full USB ports/USB host... for $550 or less?

If the device is as solid as the specs and $400, it will sell very well and the Moto will be forced to drop price AND fix the microsd, real fast.

Hopefully the Asus UI does not screw solid hardware up like Viewsonic did the gTablet. YIKES! Like my G, but not with the OEMs UI.
Actually, the Asus isn't skinned.

According to the Asus marketing guy on the Bit-Tech forum:
There's no skin, just widgets and a background. You can turn them off yes.
So yeah, the Transformer is pretty much stock. Whether or not Asus is timely with their updates remains to be seen. However, they already said they're rolling out an OTA mid-April to add the cloud stuff.
Also, Paul from Modaco is getting one, so the dev community will be there for updates, if anything.
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