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Originally Posted by jdsingle View Post
That's thoroughly thing I wish phones had (pretty sure they don't) is a circuit bypass or something much along the lines of a floating charge for my motorcycle. The charger tests the charge of the battery and if it is full then it stops delivering power to it.
That's exactly what they do have.

However, once there to full charge - they run off of the battery, not the charger. That's why when you pull a phone off the charger when it shows green (full charge) within a short time it can drop anywhere down to 92~96% (the limit point for charging to kick back on).

People keep trying battery tricks to fix that - it's not broken, and it's the same as laptops.

All comes down to modern safety circuitry in the charging system - a screw-up there causes these batteries to literally catch fire.

And by the way - there's zero ripple in a battery output, unlike what comes from the wall. So, I'm more than ok with designs that don't run directly off the wall, bypassing the battery. Running at full power from the charger through the battery would be trickle-charging - guaranteed to start a fire.
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