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Originally Posted by Corki2 View Post
I have flashed them both and I love them both, equally. They both work well and they both look great. I don't overclock or anything, so I can't compare that. My battery life is about the same with each. I have no problems with either as far as functionality. There are cosmetic things I like about Frunisher (like the transparent notification panel) and cosmetic things I like about Velocity (theme scripts, etc.).

It's really a matter of preference. You won't know how you like it until you try it. I was nervous about bricking my phone, too, but I was more excited to try it than I was scared. I will flash the next ROM as well. I'll bet it is going to be the best of both worlds.
That's what I'm kinda of looking for. I'm a minimal layout kinda guy, but I don't care much for the grudge look from Frunisher. But if it offers a better battery life than Velocity, I'll be flashing over in no time!! That's pretty much my only problem with this phone, the battery life (well, and the fact it freezes up too much due to lack of internal memory). I do OC, so I'm curious...

Originally Posted by tigersfan1 View Post
I personally like Funisher a little bit more. I think it is faster than velocity and the theme is more to my style also i have more internal memory and battery life is better i think but I cant wait for the new velocity cause d2a is now on there
Frunisher and Velocity have amazing devs working on both ROMs. So, whether I pick one or the other, I give credit to them for putting all of their hard work into this. I might be flashing over to Frunisher and see how it all runs compared to Velocity when I get some free time....

More feedback from you guys would be AWESOME! (;
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