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Added on 04/07/11
  • Battery Level : Adjusts random settings, depending on my battery level.
  • Block Calls : When certain numbers call, tasker will answer\end the call (So it will stop ringing, and they won't get to my voicemail)
  • Block Work Calls : When my work calls me (to ask if I can come in), I let it ring for 5 seconds before hanging up (5 seconds, so I have time to decide if I want to answer - and it does not send the call to voicemail).
  • Change Wallpaper Based on Weather : Cool new profile I made today. It checks Accuweather, and when it sees certain keywords ("Rain" "Cloudy" "Sunny" "Clear") it will change my wallpaper, accordingly.
  • Church : Silences my phone, makes my display not time-out, and opens my Bible app -- (Based on calendar events)
  • School : Silences my phone during school (Based on calendar events)
  • Find Phone (GPS) : When I text my phone a keyword, it will respond with the GPS coordinates, battery level, etc.
  • Find Phone (GPS) P2 : When I text my phone another keyword (when my phone is stolen), it will lock the phone, will end any current calls, and will also leave the GPS on (so I can keep tracking it).
  • Find Phone (Ring) : This is for when I lose my phone at home. I text it, it will play a ringtone.
  • Face Down Silent : This is for the "Find Phone (Ring)" profile. When I find the phone, I just flip it over to turn off the ringtone\song
  • GPS Turned On : Turns on the GPS when certain apps are opened
  • Incoming Call Brightness : Turns my brightness to MAX, for 15 seconds. (Pointless)
  • Charging : Random settings for when I am charging my phone
  • Wifi Starter\Stopper : Two profiles that will turn on\of and connect wifi, accordingly (by determining my location via my network connection\location) (this has been combined with my "Home" profile)

Added on 04/09/11
  • Work : When Tasker sees that my calendar says I am at work (this is easy to do because I have a part-time job, so I always post my shifts on my calendar), it will put my phone on vibrate - and force WiFi off, and will also lock my screen.

Added on 04/13/11
  • Home : When I am home (It determines this by using my location, via the network connection) it will turn my volumes up. After 11pm, when the home profile is active, it will turn my phone to vibrate. [new: it also turns on my WiFi] [new:new: it now activates Browsix and Remote Notifier for Android]
  • Change Wallpaper - Timed : I have a set of 5 wallpapers (they are the same wallpapers, just different color), and they change\alternate every 20 minutes.
  • Alarm : I have uninstalled Gentle Alarm, and replaced it with Tasker. Self explanatory profile. (*Altered this profile, so that it will only trigger if the phone is charging (I periodically will get up before the alarm will go off, and unplug the phone - forgetting that the alarm is still set*) (Rather dodgy when it came to actually triggering - missed a class due to the alarm\profile not sounding\activating. I am now using the stock HTC clock\alarm app)
  • Silent Boot : This profile will silence my phone prior to turning off or restarting, which then silences the annoyingly loud boot-animation.

Added on 04/14/11
  • Reminder - Trash : At 9pm every Wednesday night(repeating every 15 minutes) IF my "Home" profile is active, I get a pop-up reminding me to take out the trash. The pop-up also gives me an option to end the reminders if I have taken the trash out.
  • Airplane Mode : If my cell signal drops too low, airplane mode will be triggered. Every 7 minutes, the profile will stop - if there is still low signal, the profile will be reactivated. (I am having a hard time getting this to work... It seems to randomly activate, even though my signal-strength variable context, is set to only activate when my signal drops below 25% - I will have a few bars of 4G, and this profile will activate)
  • Headset Plugged In - Menu : I finally got around to making this basic profile, that will open a menu containing Amazon MP3 (I have my music in the cloud) Pandora, and TuneIn Radio Pro whenever I connect a headset.
  • Headset Plugged In - Settings : When I plug in headphones, certain settings will change\adjust (such as volumes, screen rotation, etc.)

Added on 04/15/11
  • Applications - Games : When I launch any\all games, my media volume is set to 4 (what I almost ALWAYS set it to) (got rather annoying, and wasn't very useful)
  • Applications - Games Night : When I launch any\all games between 11pm and 9am, the media volume is 0
  • Applications - Music : When I launch any\all music playing applications, the media volume sets itself to 12
  • Applications - Video : When I launch any\all video playing applications, the media volume sets itself to 9 - and autobrightness is forced.
  • Charging - Home Night : When charging my phone at home (determined by "cell near"), from 12:30am-8:30am (basically when I am sleeping): all sounds are silenced, brightness is brought down, and auto-rotation is turned off (If I look at my phone while in bed, and while it's charging, the screen-rotation is always wacky)
  • Charging - Not Home : When I am charging my phone NOT at home (determined by invert of "cell near"), all of my volumes are turned up (If I am not charging my phone at home, it will usually be charging somewhere AWAY from me - so I need the volumes up)
  • Grandparent's : When I am at one of my grandparent's house (determined by "cell near"), the phone connects to their WiFi, and my ringer/notification/media volumes gets adjusted.
  • Grandparent's Night : Same as above, just the volumes are on silent\vibrate
  • Grandparent's (2) : When I am at my other grandparent's house (determined by "cell near"), the phone connects to their WiFi, and my ringer/notification/media volumes gets adjusted.
  • Grandparent's Night (2) : Same as above, just the volumes are on silent\vibrate.

Added on 04/28/11
  • Android Notifier : When my "Home" profile is active, Tasker will enable the Remote Notifier for Android service. Remote Notifier for Android, simply sends notifications to your computer, when you have an incoming call, SMS, MMS, or when your battery is low, etc.
  • DropBox Sync : I have Tasker and Dropbox Sync for Tasker/Locale setup so I can backup certain files on my SD Card, with Dropbox, at a specific time. I am currently working on a way to get this Dropbox plugin to allow me to upload a AutoHotKey script to Dropbox, where AutoHotKey on my computer will be able to then read\activate the script, which will pause iTunes when I have an incoming call).

Added on 05/03/11
  • Disneyland : When I am at Disneyland (Based on calendar event - currently working on getting the "cell near" info setup, which will take quite a while due to the massive size of the park), forces Wifi off, GPS off, all plugins off (in case another task has them on, or if they are left on accidentally), turns off mobile data (trying to get this to only happen when the display is off), and also drops the display timeout to 12 seconds. I am currently thinking of other battery-saving settings that I can have this profile change. Suggestions?

Added on 05/04/11
  • Flashlight On : When I flick my phone\wrist to the right (holding the phone at an unusual angle), the HTC Flashlight will open and turn on.
  • Flashlight Off : When I flick my phone\wrist to the left (holding the phone at an unusual angle), the flashlight will turn off and close.

Added on 05/12/11
  • Display Rotation - On : When I open certain apps, display rotation will be "on", allowing me to rotate the screen.
  • Display Rotation - Off : The opposite of above ^^
  • Headset Plugged In - Settings (Charging) : When I connect headphones\speakers to my phone while it is charging (98% chance that I will be in the car when I do this), I turn the keyguard off along with other settings. When I am not charging and I connect headphones, then the keyguard is on (because it will typically be in my pocket)

I love Tasker.
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