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Originally Posted by AJP123 View Post
Firstly, how do I change from the UI form of adding a profile to the coding form?
Some Tasker jargon for you: Profile and Task

There is a button for Task at the bottom. You can create a new Task here without creating a profile first. However, you eventually need a profile or a widget to activate the Task.

I'd like to create a profile that warns me (by notification sound or similar) that my alarm is active if I have a calendar entry that will be occurring in the upcoming 10 minutes. Is there any way of automatically turning said alarm off if this occurs?
Tasker cannot have something occur prior to a calendar entry. This has been asked before. It can activate a profile when the calendar entry becomes active, but Tasker does not scan your calendar entry in advance to see what will happen in the future.

I've created a simple profile using the UI that silences my phone whenever I have an active calendar entry. However, when I press volume up or volume down (SGS), at least in the test mode, it un-silences my phone. Is there a way of getting a confirmation box pop-up asking me whether or not I really want to un-silence my phone?
As you have figured out, Tasker only activates settings when the profile turns on. It does not maintain settings, and you can still manually change them at any time.

What you are asking is complicated and might not be possible. You can have Tasker do certain things in response to button presses but 1) you'd have to nest that inside your other profile, which is tricky and 2) I'm not sure Tasker will block or override the default action (volume increase) when you press the button.

However, you could set your profile to repeat every X minutes. In this case, if you accidentally hit the volume button Tasker will turn it off again whenever it repeats.

I looked at the Tasker Wiki site, and have absolutely no idea where to start. Where can I go to find information on what each piece of code that I see on the forums actually means?
Did you read the User Guide on the website?
Please search the forums.
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