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Originally Posted by rcubed View Post
Yes. And thanks for posting the link to these for dave. I got them from another location, but that will work.

Dave, I took those originals and modified them - removed the black border and made space at the top for the clocks, player, calendar, etc.
I used original images, but fit to 960x540. Anyone know the dimensions of the notification bar? ?Hx540W

Using Launcher Pro+ (missing the icon resizing of go launcher ex; LP will resize widgets but not icons)
Multi-picture live wallpaper for 4 different wallpapers on 4 screens (I've only set up 2 so far); couldn't get to work with GoLauncherEX so I switched back to LP+
Stole rcubed's ideas: wallpaper and invisible icon at lower right 'A' to take me to app drawer. Just removed all dock icons then added an empty .png icon for the right-most doc icon to take me to app drawer. I was using a suit indicater (heart,club,diamond, spade in a 2x2 setup) and had the idea of creating an icon of 3 or 4 fanned out cards. the invisible icon was much easier
Make Your Own Clock widget: used for date and time. Time is ok but not happy with date. Can't really center text so need to find a decent asymetrical setup to work with. Still working on that one.
Weather is Beautiful Widget w/debossed skin
Circle Battery w/no circle

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