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Originally Posted by BlueScreen View Post
Lastly, been playing dungeon defender on the Unreal Engine on EVO3D. I think there might be a bug of some sort. I can turn on 3D on EVO3D and on a HDTV it does stereoscopic on it's own. Even if you own a HDTV looks like the built in SCI Filter in EVO3D will render it in 3D. End result, you just need 3D glasses and not a 3D TV. If a 3DTV is not detected then the SCI filter output video in stereoscopic mode to your HDTV and you use 3D glasses instead. I don't know much about the SCI filter and this has turned out to be a game changer. I'll update you guys soon. I hope we can include this before launch. This looks like a winner for EVOtees!
And which glasses would those be?
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