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Originally Posted by GeekClass View Post

1. You need a good query. The AW forums has an area that will help her there.

2. You need to send a lot of them out. Once again, check AW to see how other people do it, but it usually starts with making a top five or ten list of your 'best' agents (those who've made sales for your type of book, etc) and sending to them first.
A few comments (and not everything listed is required, read the Writer's Guidelines and consider your genre):

You don't just need a good query, you need a great package.

Some things you might require is a cover letter, a chapter by chapter outline in detail, a list of prior publishing credits (NO, you do not need to be previously published, they like to know as much about the potential author as possible. If they ask, do not fret if this is your first book) a list of competing books, ideas for marketing, a list of photos and illustrations (again, it depends upon the book)

You must read the writers/contributors guidelines. These are available from your publisher and agent. And, you DO NOT need an agent to sell a book. And, the agent will likely have his or her own set of printed guidelines. You must provide whatever they want and no excuses for imperfections.

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