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Originally Posted by Tumeg View Post
  • Battery Level : Adjusts random settings, depending on my battery level.
  • Block Calls : When certain numbers call, tasker will answer\end the call (So it will stop ringing, and they won't get to my voicemail)
  • Block Work Calls : When my work calls me (to ask if I can come in), I let it ring for 5 seconds before hanging up (5 seconds, so I have time to decide if I want to answer - and it does not send the call to voicemail).
  • Change Wallpaper Based on Weather : Cool new profile I made today. It checks Accuweather, and when it sees certain keywords ("Rain" "Cloudy" "Sunny" "Clear") it will change my wallpaper, accordingly.
  • Church : Silences my phone, makes my display not time-out, and opens my Bible app
  • School : Silences my phone during school
  • Find Phone (GPS) : When I text my phone a keyword, it will respond with the GPS coordinates, battery level, etc.
  • Find Phone (GPS) P2 : When I text my phone another keyword (when my phone is stolen), it will play an alarm, lock the phone, will end any current calls, and will also leave the GPS on (so I can keep tracking it). Am trying to also get it to start recording video in small clips, then e-mail those clips to me.
  • Find Phone (Ring) : This is for when I lose my phone at home. I text it, it will play a ringtone.
  • Face Down Silent : This is for the "Find Phone (Ring)" profile. When I find the phone, I just flip it over to turn off the ringtone\song
  • GPS Turned On : Turns on the GPS when certain apps are opened
  • Incoming Call Brightness : Turns my brightness to MAX, for 15 seconds.
  • Charging : Random settings for when I am charging my phone
  • Wifi Starter\Stopper : Two profiles that will turn on\of and connect wifi, accordingly (Without using GPS).

I love Tasker.
Interesting! You gave me some ideas. Tasker is phenomenal...
"Unused RAM is wasted RAM"
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