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The president nor congress run this country.
They just sign and pass bills based on who is paying them the most.

First thing I'd do is restructure the time off congress gets.
Then I'd restructure their pay. If you are a one time senator or rep, you get that pay the rest of your life.
Then I'd stop giving money to everyone else and I'd stop fighting their wars...we have hunger and issues at home. Fix them first. Our citizens come first.
Let me restate that more correctly, our legal citizens come first.

If you're an alien, you're gone. You can be a student...but you have to prove it. No one is a green card student for 20 years.
Otherwise, become an ENGLISH speaking citizen and pay taxes...or GTFO.

I'm tired of being the world's bank and policeman. Take care of our own first, help out when/where we can.
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