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A big thing is the taxes;

First thing I'd do would be to change taxes to a flat rate tax. I cannot fathom charging the rich more, and the middle class and poor less on a percentage basis. A simple percentage based tax puts everyone on even footing from a percentage basis and the rich pay more, and those with less money pay less; plain and simple.

The other thing is revamping the business tax. I saw a good program on 60 minutes about just why all the big US corporations are sending their companies overseas. While I don't agree with it, I do understand why they're doing it. America taxes corporations at 35%, the rest of the world averages at 17%. Having headquarters overseas and paying a lower tax rate is better for the bottom line for a company, plain and simple. Lower the corporate tax rate and let these companies bring their overseas profits BACK into the USA and there's a lot more income for the government.
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