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Originally Posted by Hajile_Ibushi View Post
-This is where the phone OS becomes glaringly obvious. Android has no drive letters, and there are no specs in the apps to address this. When you stick in several storage devices (ie. Passport and/or sd card) the apps will always default to the internal memory. It's like having several harddrives on your PC, but can only access Drive C and MyDocuments. They patched in the other storages by turning them into virtual folders. So it's like, to access Drive D, you go to C:\My Documents\Drive D, C:\My Documents\DVD Drive, etc. On the archos, the internal storage is "/sdcard", the Micro SD Slot is "/sdcard/sdcard", and the external drive is "/sdcard/usb_host". It's a mess.

-I'm hoping Honeycomb would have a better storage layout. Froyo apps do access other storage devices and network folders, but they always default to the internal one.
The only OS I can think of that has drive letters is Windows (ok, DOS). Linux (which Android is a variant of), Mac, Unix, Haiku, Chrome OS, etc DON'T. And it's not that complicated. Just think of the /sdcard directory as the "my computer" folder in windows. so from there you can either access your internal directly, your sdcard (in the completely obvious ./sdcard folder), or your usb device (again, an obviously named folder ./usb_host).
Could they be a little more clearly named, yeah. But they have to be consistent across the android platform, or else apps wouldn't know what directory to look it (ok, there are ways around this but alot of devs wouldn't think to use them).

But saying that the file management is a mess because it isn't identical to Windows is just silly and misinformed.
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