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Originally Posted by zipur View Post
I don't agree, I think tablets are personal, like a wallet. So IMO you don't need profiles. That's why your wife likes the more refined iPad and you like the more techy Xoom. And as its been stated in other threads, hotter women have iPads vs zooms.
Tablets are personal. But just like many people at home have no login for their shared PC/laptop, others will setup two different logins (even if they don't have passwords) so that things like browser preferences and chat clients don't get confused.

Tablets for most people at home are going to replace that laptop that sits on the coffee table for quick checks and surfing. But with the instant on of tablets switching between users should be so quick that it won't matter. As the space matures people are going to develop preferences and I don't really want to mix all my email in with my wife's.

As for my example of using the tablet as a personal and professional device it would be outstanding to have profiles. How many times have you been to a presentation where they guy's IM popups and puppy photo background were so distracting that no one took it seriously?

When I used to do a lot of technical demos I had a second login on my machine that was clean and simple so that nothing was running in the background. In some instances I can see where tablets will fill this role since they can output PowerPoint to a projector.

Tablets are also going to be expensive enough that it's not realistic to buy one for everybody in the house so people are going to share them at least for the near future.

Oh and my wife is hot but the lack of Flash on her iPad pisses her off
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