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Originally Posted by BzB View Post
+1. i completely agree with this.

it's like going to the store and buying a loaf of bread, only to return a few days later and see there's a new loaf of bread with a later expiration date than the one you purchased. well, what did you expect? they were going to stop making bread until yours expired?

...and then the op goes on to brag about how he can afford a new phone every week anyway. if money isn't an object then why get riled up when you can buy the next hot new thing anyway?

the op asked the question why did htc skimp on the TB? it was answered very succinctly throughout this thread. they didn't skimp on the TB, vzw skimped on having their network ready to deploy the TB. all the while, HTC kept their wheels turning on their internal roadmap and pushing out new phones.

i'm not convinced the op really 'gets it' or understands how new technology is developed and released. maybe now they do...

Oh so your back with the big mouth again in a brand new Thread to troll. How the OP said this and that. All you do is flame and troll threads. I got a great idea pal, if you dont like the Thread, then keep it moving. Your analogies are annoying already. I'm the OP BZB, so u can directly refer to me as Sean!!! A loaf of bread? Your comparing a loaf of bread expiring to the TB missing out on SOME KEY 2011 SPECS. No my man, you have it all wrong. You don't get it!
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