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Originally Posted by sean76 View Post
It wasn't intended to be a 2011 phone? The phone was released in March of 2011. And even if if was outted when it was supposed to be, Jan 2011...that is still 2011 I believe. We still are in 2011 right? Would you buy a 2011 Mercedes with the assumption that its running with all the 2010 options? HTC was well aware of what they were doing. Some agree, some don't. I won't go out you no more man, it just fuels the fire for negativity. You don't agree with anything I said...that's cool. Let's keep it moving and avoid any more nonsense. Would u agree?
I don't agree with your unreasonable expectations or how you address people who don't agree with you as a troll. Even though I wasn't posting to you.

The TB was intended to be released earlier than it was and for all intents and purposes they delivered the product when VZW requested it. BUT VZW didn't have their network ready. It's not HTC fault the phone was released later than expected. It also shouldn't stop them for releasing newer models on other carriers. Blaming HTC for releasing a phone that you perceive to be outdated is not accurate and gives the perception that you don't understand how products are developed by the manufacturers but inevitably released when the carrier is ready.

If you want to avoid nonsense then you can choose to be less sensitive when people don't agree with you. And you can refrain from calling people trolls or big mouths when they don't agree with you. That would be the adult thing to do. After all, this is an open forum and we're all allowed to discuss our pov even if it doesn't agree with others.
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