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Originally Posted by jackdubl View Post
It is upsetting to see new phones coming when you just bought one. But do any of these new phones have a kickstand?

In all seriousness though, this is my strategy. I have confirmed with Verizon that this will work. Both me and my wife have lines. Both lines upgrade at the same time, which is next January. Verizon said I could upgrade one line, get a new phone, and wait to upgrade the other line for as long as I want. I can upgrade HER line, get the newer phone, but activate the phone on MY line. My wife gets the phone I just had and I get the new one. A year later I upgrade MY line, get a newer phone, give her my old one. A year later, same thing. It equals an upgrade a year, just like a one year contract. Then you're never too worried about the next phone making yours look weak.
this is exactly what im doing now. i still have my wifes upgrade ready to go and she is fine with my thunderbolt later on

gotta love her!
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