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Originally Posted by pkincy View Post
Can't believe search doesn't bring up some storage threads.

How come the phone storage gets used up with the SD car nearly empty.

How do we force the 3G Slide to use the SD card rather than its own very limited storage.

I have essentially no apps on the phone since the storage is so limited.

Phone storage has been discussed in other threads. Things you've noticed since the 2.2 update.

Basically, you'll have to deal with having fewer apps on your phone.

Try backing up ones you don't use that often with ASTRO file manager. When you need them again, just use the backup tool to restore the apps to your phone. I had no idea that ASTRO could do that until I randomly came across it one day. In ASTRO press the menu button and there is an item that says 'Tools'. One of the tools is 'Application Manager/Backup'. With that you can back up the app to your SD card, then you can go and delete it from your phone's memory and then go back to this tool to install it later. I'm not sure if this saves app data or not, but its worth a try.

Or, if you want to be able to have a lot more room on your phone without having to worry about phone space, root the phone and then you would be able to delete bloatware that comes with the phone or install a custom ROM that uses less space.
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