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Headphones plugged in - Vibrate mode, media volume changes to 5 (to protect ears), display turns on (so I can quickly proceed to the media I was going to), auto-brightness turns on (for when I'm going outside and my normally dim display makes it hard to change songs)

....on exit - media volume changes to 0 and auto-brightness turns off

Incoming Call - In call volume goes to the max

....on exit - media volume changes to 0 (for when I was playing music and forget - the music continues to play, but doesn't blast when I hang up the call)

Received text - display turns on

App (Call confirm) - (on exit) - in call volumes goes to the max

Gmail notification - display turns on

USB Plugged in - display turns on, widgetlocker unlocks, status bar expands (to quickly access sd mounting - my default usb connection is "charge-only"), and after 10 seconds the status bar collapses again (in situations when I'm not sd mounting) and my device locks (widgetlocker)

Calendar notification - display turns on

App (Clock) - Load app (alarm clock plus) (so I can use the stock HTC clock/weather widget, hit the time and go to the alarm clock of my choice)

App (gallery) - load app (quickpic) (so I can go to the picture app of my choice when in the camera)

device shutdown - silent mode on (to silence boot sounds)
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