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Originally Posted by deanshep85 View Post brain melted by around page 3 of this thread...seriously...*brain leaks out ears*

try as I may I cant seem to find the answer I want, or maybes its in this thread in between all the other jargon talking bout other profiles that I glossed over it (and if I did, im sorry)

I want to set tasker up to put my data connection on (3G not wifi) on every 2 hours, sync my email and *IF* possible FORCE sync my Fancy Widgets weather..

I currently run the more basic "Settings Profile" and it turns my net on every 4 hours and syncs my email but the weather is hit and miss...its not controllable at all via settings I have to rely on its on refresh times, which quite often are hit an miss widely sometimes and I often have to manually sync it...which annoys me..

so can someone please help? I DID try myself...but I managed to get part way through and then lost my way lol

ALSO as a small thing I have winamp set to run automatically on Settings Profile, but it doesnt play automatically just comes up....can I set tasker to actually PLAY my last track automatically with winamp...kinda like what poweramp has for default..

can anyone help with the above issue?
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