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Originally Posted by KUATEMACHU View Post
rastaman please try to get the tar file please, I just phoned bell to see if its back from repair(3 weeks ago) and they told me "oH! sorry we didn't send the phone to repair, the system do not allow us to do it, I will try to send it again today if i cant you can come and pick up your phone and your deposit(35$) im so piss off, i was like fk!! i called them 1 week ago and they didn't tell me about it, they just said call again in 1 week, I don't know what to do

I want my samsung galaxy from bell working i dont care if i have to pay! D:

Phona64 got the samsung galaxy he has it working, is there a way that he can get or extract the tar file to fix my phone and kam187's phone ( if he wants to xD )

Pleaseee I need your help D:!!!!! I need the tar file from the boardban so i can make work my galaxy i flashed it whit odin. and bell is no able to repair it or they just don't want D: If you can extract it alone or with the help of rastaman i would be so so so so so happy! please i'm begging for help
hey i would be happy to help. i'm not sure how to extract it someone would have to show me how if it is at all possible. Also i wouldn't wanna have it screw up my phone in the process.
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