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Originally Posted by Tumeg View Post
Task 1: "Done With Trash"
Profile Status. Name: "Reminder - Trash". Set: "Off"
Wait > 4 hours (long enough so the reminder won't reactivate, if you en d the reminders at the time of the first one)
Profile Status. Name: "Reminder - Trash". Set: "Off"

Day and time you want the reminders to go off
(I have it go off every Wednesday, from 21:00 to 1:00, reminding me every 15 minutes)

Main Task:
Notify Vibrate. Title: "Trash!"
Popup Task Names. Text: "Take Out The Trash!!". Task: "Done With Trash".
I have it set up and it is working great with one exception: I want a sound and blink the notification light. I can't get both to work at the same time, just which ever one is listed first. Anyone know how to do both?

Originally Posted by amlothi View Post
Periodic Data Check (Juicedefender Replacement) - Tasker Wiki

You might be able to use Synker (it works as a plugin for Tasker) to force syncing. It only works for certain things though.
I have a profile called auto sync that I use:

Context: Time 0500 to 2200 repeating every 3 hours
Task: Auto sync -> on
Wait 7 minutes
Auto sync -> off

I also use a second profile that turns auto sync on whenever my phone is plugged in and on my home Wifi

Originally Posted by MsL View Post
I have a few questions,

One of my task is my "work" profile, which puts my phone on vibrate where at my work location, but I am trying to figure out how make exception to that rule that that a couple of my contacts can ring though as well as their text messages but just 3 people.

Also, I have set up a profile where when I am busy I can just press my long search button and a SMS is suppose to be sent to the caller but it doesn't seem to be working. I have the Mytouch slide phone and my genius button is suppose to be the button to press but it doesn't work. I am rooted so I don't know if that is the problem.

Last question does Tasker only work with the default text message program as I have handcent.
You can use an app called "Selective Silence" by ChainsDD that will allow you to have your phone ring from the callers you set regardless of the phone state (silent or ringer on)
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