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Originally Posted by themax View Post
If I purchased a G2X to replace my Nexus One will I have to additionally pay for Hotspot/Tethering? I was checking out the G2X on Amazon and under services it lists Tethering and Hotspot at $15 and $10 respectively. Does this apply to Android phones using 2.2 and higher (both features built in and I was never charged for Hotspot mode on my Nexus One) or that just showing since other devices might require a fee?
That was one of the first questions I asked yesterday during my preview and today when I got it. My rep says that "It'll work the same way it did/does on the HTC devices, meaning that it's a feature that you can enable, and it'll work to a point then unless you have the $14.00 add on, you'll get throttled like a red headed stepchild." (His words not mine)

As I'm tinkering around with it now, the option is definitely there and I'll test it if I get time tonight.

I'm aware that my signiture file/graphic is a bit outdated. yet it's strangely still relevant sans the Vibrant.
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