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Originally Posted by ccsoccer03 View Post
It uses Real satellites through a Real Gps and/or can use wireless towers to help find your location. Now... the assisted part is, Google maps caches the maps it uses as you drive... That is, the maps are not permanently stored on your phone. Only the ones it needs at the time are downloaded and used, which is why its "assisted". But you can also say its assisted by Cellular towers if you enable it also.
The understanding of the "a" in a-GPS is incorrect. "Assisted" in a-GPS has nothing to do with cashing Google maps.

The "Assistence" is (see Wikipedia also) "supply orbital data ..for GPS satellites to the GPS receiver..."

In practice, the Ally needs a data link (either cellular or WiFi) to get a GPS lock. If you have the app "GPS Status" you can see and force the update of GPS Assistence Data.
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