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So after much frustration with Samsung I've finally given up and installed the latest version of froyo from samfirmware (european jpe at time of writing).

Bit of a newb at this but thanks to instructions on this thread, fairly straight forward. No longer tars and single install files though but rars which you have to extract the contents of and then specify the pda, boot, phone and csc yourself. other than that...thanks samfirmware and android forums!

o.k. initial impressions. at first it didn't feel like i was getting a speed boost, but then i never felt it was running slow on 2.1.

gps fix much improved, tethering works as does install to sd. the three major reasons for me to ugrade, so far so good.

a couple of minor things..

1. the language defaulted to non english, no probs there i can just switch. however the android market seems to think i'm now in another country (currency dkm ?). Not sure how to tell it otherwise or of the implications of leaving it. Bought Moodagent and it recognised my credit card as being from the UK and did a currency conversion on the fly, but does this mean i might not be able to download some apps that might at the moment only be released in certain countries??

2. In application management a lot of the apps are showing a zero bytes in size

3. I now have demo versions of Assasins Creed and Tetris that i son't want and can't remove...thanks Samsung!

4. The camera crashes after taking a picture

5. The gallery can't seem to show any of the photos on my SD card even though the music app can find and play the mp3s


I had to reformat my SD card. A bit of a pain as it wiped all my files but i have them all backed up so not too much of an issue. However this has fixed the camera crash and the gallery photo problem (must have been some weird permissions issues) and bizarely it's made my phone run a little bit faster.

I'll add more as i find it.
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