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ok im going a lil insane over this...I am STILL trying to get the net to come up every 2 hours and also auto sync then as well...and it just ISN'T happening

I tried the suggestions here, mainly being the one sending me to the tasker wiki...and that doesnt help either....I tried putting their profiles on and editing them to remove the parts not needed, as I dont need the "On when screen comes on" bit or stuff similar...but that didnt work either

I even set up my own profile almost identical to how it is in "Settings Profile" the other tasker like app I use....and tasker just sits there, does nothing....I know its not tasker cos the headphone rule I have on works perfect..

I just cant see where im going wrong....I've tried using the "mobile Data" task and the "apn" task...neither work at all

someone please give me a lil assistance..

also I want to set it up so not only will it do all that automatically...but also turn the net on straight away if I say click the browser...and again....cant seem to do that...I set the rule to start app, then run apn/mobile data (tried both ways) and then added the kill task part...and again...nothing
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