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Originally Posted by Daymouse View Post
...Anyway onto tasker i really couldnt work out the best way to activate each profile by location as i didnt want to leave gps on all the time so instead ive made 4 manual profiles which have widget shortcuts on the lock screen so they can easily be pressed which are working a treat

Turn wifi on, turn 3g data off, set volume of ringer and notifications too 6 and alarm.

Turn wifi off, turn 3g data on, set set volume of ringer and notifications too 2.

Out (when im out and about)
Turn wifi off, turn 3g data on, set set volume of ringer and notifications too 7.

(mainly used for when i stay over at the missus's and dont plu my phone into charge)
Turn wifi off, turn 3g data off, set volume set volume of ringer and notifications too 0, set alarm vol too 3.

I know these are very basic but they work a treat for me and also look really good on the lock screen
Activate each one by State > "Cell Near". This context will determine your location by using local cell-tower data. It is EXTREMELY accurate, and Tasker scans for changes in your cell-tower location, every 30 seconds (it drains NO additional battery, since your phone is constantly updating it's cell-location as well).
With this Cell Near context, you can automate all of those profiles. For work, you can set the Cell Near location for your work place. Same with home, and night (with the additional context of time). Out, you can do Cell Near your work place, but INVERT the context - and also do Cell Near your home, and INVERT it... So whenever you are NOT at either of those places, your phone will activate the "Out" profile.

Originally Posted by AJP123 View Post
Hi Tumeg,

Couple of questions about the above profiles
  1. I tried making my own silent boot mode, which I used two profiles for.
    • The first one was the shutdown profile, which has:
      CONTEXT - Device Shutdown
      TASK - Silent (Vibrate) [could also use Silent (No Vibrate), wouldn't make much of a difference, although thinking about it, Silent (No Vibrate) might eliminate the phone's tendancy to vibrate 10 seconds after switching it off].

      However, this doesn't seem to work. The phone (Samsung Galaxy S) still makes its turn-off noise when you turn it off. However, when I turn the phone back on, the phone is THEN in silent mode. Do I need the context to occur at some event before turn-off? Or is it a problem with the handset itself? What do you use, Tumeg?
    • The second one was the boot-up profile, which has:
      CONTEXT - Device Boot
      TASK - Silent (End)

      This works fine. It takes a while to activate (a minute after boot-up), but after that, I'm not on silent anymore
  2. Can you sync tasker with a To-Do List app? That'd be awesome!!

One more question:
  • I'd like to create an alarm using Tasker similar to the one found here. The standard tasker alarm found at the link works fine. However, I'd like to tweak it so that the snooze interval changes each time, choosing from a random time interval between 1 minute and 1 hour. Does Tasker have random number generators? Also, any chance of choosing a random track from my music library each time?


God bless =)
1. I am using an HTC Thunderbolt, and I do not experience those same problems. My Silent Boot profile is this simple: Context = Device Shutdown. Task = Silent Mode, Vibrate.

2. I do not believe there is a To-Do List app that currently syncs with Tasker, but I know Tasker is always working with other app devs to get the ability to use Tasker for\with certain apps (Like "Gentle Alarm" is now workable through Tasker)

3. I do not believe Tasker has a random number generator, but it really should! That is a great idea! As for choosing a random track - I have been trying to figure this one out, but have had no such luck

Originally Posted by chrlswltrs View Post
Don't know if everyone noticed but there was a GREAT feature added in the last update. Android 2.2+ removed our ability to use Tasker to kill an app which was a total bummer. Now Tasker can kill apps again!! Root is required, but I can confirm it is working great. EXTREMELY happy with this latest update!!!!
Originally Posted by Rob.G View Post
Some other things also in that update, as long as you are rooted, is the ability to reboot or shutdown your device and the ability to control the CPU.
WOW! Really? The "Kill App" feature alone, makes me want to root my phone! Forget the roms, but Tasker being able to kill apps, and reboot\shutdown the phone, would make some things MUCH more convenient.

Originally Posted by Maxa View Post
I have launcher pro and have screen 4 as default home, but I want tasker to switch to screen 7 when a certain condition is true. Can any one please tell me how to do this, im really confused and cant make it work :/

Thanks in advance
At this moment, Tasker cannot do that,
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