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Default Eve

Here's another unhappy Rogers customer.
I don't see why it's the consumer's responsibility to push for what is probably contractual basic essential support for a product.
Releasing the LG Eve with an outdated OS and no plans for a firmware upgrade can't be legal unless LG declares this to be a discontinued product.
This is not a request for backward compatibility, this is a produt that lacks forward compatibility. Makes me think Canada is a third world country.
I just got the LG Eve as an upgrade on the 9th, and i think i'll return it today, let my contract die out, and probably switch to WIND or some american carrier. I don't know if you've noticed, but you're consistently getting 1-2 year old technolegy in Canada as a matter of standard practice. Buy elsewhere or it won't stop.

I've emailed the LG addresses, if any of you get a hold of relevant email addresses for rogers execs, please post them here as well so we can skip the official complaint run around and go right to the head.
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